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YouPromo | YouTube Promotion Packages

YouTube Promotion Packages & More

YouTube Promotion Packages for promoting your Videos & Music to real audiences worldwide.

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YouPromo helps video creators, music artists and ad-agencies increase their viewing audience. With an intelligent platform, thousands of partnerships around the globe, and a very experienced music & branding team by your side, YouPromo can help you get seen & heard by millions of real people around the world.

YouTube Promotion Packages | YouPromo

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“YouPromo is the best, most professional company I have ever worked with!”

LuLu via TrustPilot

YouPromo is part of the Galactic Media Ltd group of companies, a highly respected and award-winning UK based media and entertainments company. For many years we have delivered tailor-made global marketing campaigns for select brands and clients. We have helped establish International brands and artists and had record sales well into the hundreds of millions, on top of a countless number of Worldwide hits and #1 chart successes. We have also produced the theme music for a number of popular mainstream TV shows!

Promoting with YouPromo is simple and powerful.

YouTube Promotion Packages

YouPromo offers the best YouTube promotion service you will find. Increase your views, likes and subscriptions with our video marketing experts that are dedicated to increasing your YouTube views.

Why waste your money on bots when you could reach genuine viewers and grow organically???

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Real Audience

We never use bots. Ever. Our promotion methods guarantee your videos will be seen by real humans.

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Dedicated Team

Our UK based team has years of experience in promotion and are always available to help you.

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Music Deals

Are your videos music releated? We work closely with music publishers and labels and help them find exciting new artists!

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We can target your videos to specific audiences whether by location or interest and more!.

YouPromo | YouTube Video Promotion & More

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Trusted by our clients

“Used YouPromo to promote our carpeting business and was really impressed with the results and the communication from their team. Would use again for sure.”

S&L Carpets (UK)

“Have used multiple promotion companies and YouPromo have given me the best results. They reply quickly to emails and I always get what I pay for.”

Dougal McGregor (NR)

“Amazing results, couldn’t have wished for a better response, will definitely use again!”

Venthanger (UK)

“I tried this company for help promoting my video and they did a great job. Good friendly communication & very helpful. I will use them again.”

S. Hossain (BN)

“These guys are great! They are honest and very personable. You will be treated well, and best of all, you will get organic streams or views!! No scams here!! I am using them for both YouTube views and Spotify streams!”

Rich (CA)

I’ve used YouPromo a few times to promote music videos with great results so far. It’s a seamless experience and they appear to be more genuine than other promo companies out there.

Roxanne (UK)

YouPromo | YouTube Video Promotion Packages & More

Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you provide other services musicians and artists?2022-06-24T16:36:54+00:00

Our company provides high-level services for artists, management companies and labels. We handle everything from writing & production, to branding, remixes, influencer campaigns, synchronization and publishing, label & distribution services, mixing and mastering, press, DJ and radio campaigns and full blown international chart campaigns. Our artists have collectively sold over 100 million records and are responsible for many international hit records.

Your company manages and promotes very successful artists, will you sign me?2022-06-24T16:35:43+00:00

We listen to all demos. If you feel you have something special we’d love to hear. Email [email protected] please make it clear that you arrived via YouPromo.

Will plays show on my Spotify for Artists account graph?2022-06-24T16:35:03+00:00

Yes, and the good news is that our plays will appear in your “Playlists” streams graphs. Other companies’ streams usually appear in your “Your Profile” graph which looks much more unnatural and easily identifiable as a paid-for-promotion.

Will I earn royalties from Spotify plays?2022-06-24T16:34:27+00:00

Yes, as long as you are the rights holder of the music then you will receive royalties from the plays we gain you via our promotions.

Are listeners accounts basic or premium?2022-06-24T16:33:50+00:00

Stats on our listens have shown that aprox 50% of the accounts that listen to our promotions are premium accounts.

Are listeners genuine?2022-06-24T16:33:13+00:00

We never use bots. Our listeners are real humans and Spotify account holders.

I’ve seen lower prices on Fiverr2022-06-24T16:32:34+00:00

You get what you pay for. Cheap bot views from Fiverr can ruin your channel and reputation and could lead to your videos being removed. Our methods are high quality and we use precise targeting with higher bid ratios to ensure the audiences are the perfect match for your videos. We remove all “low quality” cheap locations from our promotions. Many of our loyal customers have tried many other companies before realising YouPromo are the best and most trustworthy.

Can I buy watch-time?2022-06-24T16:32:08+00:00

Yes we now do high quality watch time packs. We will promote your videos with the aim of gaining as much watch-time as possible. We use real people who are incentivised to watch your video. Watch time is very important for helping your channel rise in the algorithm rankings. ** PLEASE NOTE ** Your video must be at least 15.10 minutes duration in length.

Can I buy likes?2022-06-24T16:31:48+00:00

No, we only use organic methods and there is no way to ‘buy’ likes. If a company is selling ‘likes’ it is a good clue that they are using bots or other dubious methods, which can be dangerous to your channel. It is much better to gain likes organically from a well-promoted video.

Will my subscribers drop?2022-06-24T16:26:23+00:00

We have no way of forcing people to remain subscribed to your videos. We can incentivise people to subscribe, but once they subscribe we can not control how long they remain subscribed for. If you notice big drop in subscribers within 1 week of our channel promotion we will re-promote the channel free of charge.

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