Our Story

A little about our company...

YouPromo is part of the Galactic Media Ltd group of companies, a highly respected UK based media and entertainments company. As well as creating the theme music for a number of popular mainstream TV shows, we deliver tailor-made global marketing and video promotion campaigns for select brands and clients. We have helped establish International brands and had record sales well into the hundreds of millions, on top of a countless number of Worldwide hits and #1 Chart successes.

YouPromo was established in 2020 as our standalone video promotion platform in response to our growing disillusionment with other video promotion services we had tested over the years that often resulted in “bots” and fake views. Our aim was simple - to provide a friendly, trustworthy and reliable video promotion platform, one would guarantee human views and that ultimately we would be happy to use ourselves.

As well as our standard services (basic and targeted), we also offer full Google Adwords powered promotion, allowing extremely precise targeting and 100% organic views. We take care of all the complex Adwords set up for you (for more information on our Adwords service please click here).

Promoting a video with us is as simple as a few clicks.


Do you use Bots?

We never use bots!!! We hate bots. Bot’s are pointless and dangerous. NoNoNo!!!

Will my video go viral?

If your content is good then you may go viral. But nobody can guarantee or predict this for certain. Anybody who tells you your video will go viral is lying. Spending money on promotion does not guarantee your video will go viral - but it does increase the chance that it might.

What methods do you use?

We have various methods for promoting the videos. The first is simply that we are already a well-established media company that has many thousands of contacts and relationships built upon trust and a good reputation over many years. We are able to utilize these partnerships and vast social media reach to help promote our videos. Partners include record labels, production companies, app & web design companies, publishers, social influencers, artist promoters, digital-display-board companies and more. We may also place ‘in-game’ advertisements in I-Phone and Android applications and web games. We also have a network of websites, blogs and reviewers that may display our videos. Finally, we may place targeted google ads and use youtube’s own promotion methods to achieve the most specifically targeted engagement.

Are viewers genuinely engaged with my video?

We can not guarantee that people will love your video or want to watch it all the way through. Sorry! We hope they enjoy your videos and become your biggest fan but it’s impossible to know. The best way to increase the chance of genuine engagement is to a) make really great content b) use precise targeting. Untargeted views will give you the least chance of genuine engagement, whilst our Adwords service will give you the best results.

Why are my retention times low?

See above. We can not force people to watch the videos all the way through if they are not into it. Often when the videos are displayed as adverts a lot of people will skip as soon as they see the ‘skip’ button appear. This is just the way people are. There are many guides and tips on the internet in how to capture the audience's attention and retain it.

Do you promote channels?

Yes. We can promote an entire channel rather than individual videos. We offer three packages for this. Please see the order page for more details.